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Honda Ruckus 50cc GET Rear Hub 4x4 - 4x110

Honda Ruckus 50cc GET Rear Hub 4x4 - 4x110

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Introducing the FLP - 50cc GET Rear Hub 4x4 - 4x110.

Please read the description carefully as this hub is designed specifically for Honda Ruckus with the stock engine and may not work for everyone.

For the best fitment, we recommend using 12x8 fatty mount wheels with the following specifications to ensure everything lines up in the center. The last photo is an example with this hub installed with the recommended setup.

  • 12x7 wheel
  • 4x110 bolt pattern with 10mm studs or
  • 4x4 bolt pattern with 12mm studs

The wheel offset should be 3+4.

Please note that this hub is 1/2 inch thicker than a standard Kymco hub, so we highly recommend using a 12x7 wheel with a 12x8 engine mount to ensure the perfect fit. If you choose to use a 12x8 wheel, your wheel will be off-center by 1/2 an inch unless you modify your engine mount to move the engine 1/2 inch to the left.

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